Haute Hair studio was established after years of seeking out the best education and practice in Extension services. As the owner I have worn every option available and have the expertise to guide you in deciding which method will be best for your desired look. My ultimate goal is always to maintain the health of your real hair. Extensions can be worn safely with NO DAMAGE if you adhere to proper maintenance guidelines and come in for timely appointments to remove and reinstall your extensions



Wefts are attached in one long continuous row across the head. They can be attached with either the Micro-weft method or using a Braidless Sew In. They are a quick and easy way to add a lot of length and thickness with just a few rows of hair. Can be worn 6 weeks

Prices are based on the length of hair purchased. Each Package includes 4oz of hair

PLEASE NOTE: BLONDE TONES are currently at premium demand, thus there is a surcharge.

                                                 14″              18″             22″           24″      +$75 for blonde hair

 $385        $435          $450        $535


I-Tips aka Micro-beads  are attached using small 3mm-5mm copper rings. They are lined with silicone to prevent sliding. This method can be worn 6-10 weeks and move side to side and up and down for easy movement. Most clients will need 2 packs per installation. 1 pack can be worn by clients needing only thickness or with very fine hair

                                                                                           18″-20″                            24″Special Order                        Individual Bundles

                                                                                    $470 1st Pack                            $500 1st Pack                            $60 per 15

                                                                                       +$420 2nd Pack                    +$425 2nd Pack


We utilize BABE    and Ultratress II tape-in extensions. They lay flat to the head and are ideal for very fine haired clients. Although Tape-ins are reusable their lifespan is typically shorter than smoe of our other offerings. They are perfect for someone planning to wear them for the shorter term or special occasions. They are also suggested for fine hair clients.

                                                                                                                                  14″                                  18″                     24″

                                                                                                                                 $400 pp                  $500pp                 $600pp


Fusion Extensions are bonded directly to the hair using a keratin U-tip extension. They are NOT reusable and can be worn 3-4 months. After that, they must be removed and a new set installed. 1 pack of 125 pieces  (3.75 oz) is typically enough for added thickness and length although additional bundles can be added for thicker hair.

       18″     1 bundle (25p)             22″    1bundle (25p)              Removal

                $579        $165                       $669        $179                         $100 Per Hour