At Haute Hair extensions are our specialty!

I have spent 6 years perfecting and researching every type of extensions available on the market and have made it a priority of mine to make myself the most educated specialist in Tampa. Not any one method is good for every woman and so I offer several different types of installations including

Braidless Sew-ins
Ultratress Tape-ins
Clip in extensions

During your complimentary consultation we will discuss your goals, assess your hair type to assure that we are using the safest long lasting method for your hair

I have heard many stories throughout the years about women who have experienced breakage and hair loss because someone installed the wrong type of extensions in their hair. thats why i require a consultation prior to every appointment we schedule. I have hundreds of clients who have worn my extensions throughout the years for either thickness, or length and have never experienced any hair loss or damage. the key is figuring out what’s best for your hair whether fine, thick, straight or curly. Every woman has different goals some just need alittle thickness, or some can’t seem to ever get it to grow past a certain point, others realize that extentsions hold curls really well and never get frizzy like thier own hair in this florida humidity and within an hour we can make a big difference in the amount of time you spend styling your hair everyday.

Prices vary based on the amoun/length/type of hair we need to purchase and a consultation will iinclude the cost and cover all instructions and expectations. Typical prices range from $350-$1000 for the installation, hair, and starter kit.